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Welcome to the restaurant Premium!
Beauty and comfort, delicious dishes and natural atmosphere, European, Eastern and Ukrainian cuisine, high quality service, exquisiteness and unique impressions. Club-restaurant “Premium” offers all mentioned above to its quests. It is situated in the hotel of the same name at the main street of Chernivtsy city. We offer hot breakfasts with fresh bakery for the earliest visitors, in the afternoon you can have business lunch while listening to the music of the leading city DJs, and in the evening you will forgot about the fuss and enjoy the real culinary masterpieces of our head-cook to the accompaniment of live Jazz performance. The restaurant allows to receive about 100 guests that makes it ideal place for family holidays and corporative evenings.
About us
Restaurant Premium!
We are glad to invite you to the restaurant "Premium", one of the best restaurants in the city of Chernivtsi. In our restaurant you will be able to hide from the nightlife of the city Chernivtsi, from the nightlife, discos by night noise. The restaurant "Premium", you can find comfort and privacy with your loved one or loved ones. The beauty and comfort, delicious food and a relaxed atmosphere. European, Eastern, Ukrainian cuisine, high quality of service, sophistication, style and unique experiences - all this offers the restaurant "Premium The restaurant "Premium" you can celebrate birthdays, corporate parties, anniversaries and family celebrations. The staff of the restaurant will provide you with an unforgettable holiday and you can enjoy the atmosphere of celebrations for 100 percent.
Ukraine, Chernivtsi, Golovna st., 124 b
Hotel: +38 (099)0303652
+38 (0372)52-88-99
Lounge: +38(099)140-14-01
Restaurant : +38(066)842-45-42
email: info@hotel-premium.cv.ua
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